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Newsletter INFOCUSLATAM - Obituário Professor Bodo Wanke e María Cristina Díaz Jarabrán.

Obituários Professor Bodo Wanke e María Cristina Díaz Jarabrán.

Newsletter INFOCUSLATAM - One name One guideline: Mucormycosis

Guía Global De Diagnóstico Y Tratamiento De La Mucormicosis e Nota Técnica GVIMS/GGTES/ANVISA nº 04/2021

Newsletter INFOCUSLATAM - Invitation from WHO and an alert from OPS

INFOCUS LATAM endorses the WHO initiative - Fungal Priority Pathogen list

Welcome to Newsletter INFOCUSLATAM

Although the COVID-19 pandemic continues unabated in Latin America, we remain focused on providing cutting-edge expertise on medical mycology. 

The main proposals of the INFOCU-LATAM are

  • To connect graduate students and health care workers interested in contributing to the development of local educational programs and guidelines for improving the early diagnosis and best clinical management of patients with fungal infections in our region
  • To promote and facilitate the conduction of collaborative multicenter studies delineated to understand the epidemiology of fungal infections in LATAM
  • To encourage advocacy initiatives necessary to convince health policy makers and hospital managers to provide better support to medical assistance to patients suffering from opportunistic and endemic fungal infections in our region


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  • ITS and TEF1α DNA Barcoding Databases
  • International Fungal Multi Locus Sequence Typing Database
  • Brazilian Society of Infectious Diseases